HnrCH-S HnrCH-B HnrCH IntCH NatCH Emerald Party Girl
DOB 8/28/10
Viva with big brother Viz
Playing tug with 'Mom'
Viva's favorite place - on top the snow banks.
Father and daughter
    Who could ask for more than Viva?! She is a lovely, nicely built bitch - very nice angles and substance - with smooth head down - tail down
movement and good reach. Viva did well in the conformation show ring but her show career ended after a broken toe left her with a slight limp.
    This girl certainly lives up to her name, Party Girl
. Viva is full of gusto and lives life like there is no tomorrow. It's a fun quality she passes on to
her kids. Viva makes sure she is involved in "everything" that is going on. She is very opinionated and has a bossy, drivey, "I'm the fastest - I'm the
best at everything" attitude that the other dogs don't question. She is very even tempered and a true joy to have around!
BonniDune Dashing Impression
Wildblue Echo of Whispers
Bred by Karla Reinhart and Lindsay Kahnert
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Come on sprinkler, "bring it"!!
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Viva and Jersey blowing off steam after being at a dog show for 4 days. Viva is the one that does not
have her feet on the ground!
Viva's Stats
AKC:  DN28894106
IABCA: 22471
Microchip: Avid 054 348 825
Hips: OFA GOOD (BCO-9530G24F-VPI)
07/21/17: BCO-EYE46/82F-VPI
09/25/15: BCO-EYE46/60F-VPI
07/25/2014: BCO-EYE46/46F-VPI,
11/09/2012: BCO-EYE46/26F-VPI,
09/07/2011, and 10/20/2010
CEA: NORMAL (Optigen 10-7996)
TNS: NORMAL by Parentage
CL: NORMAL by Parentage
Viva is black and white, carries gold, and has cute
little polka-dots on her face and front legs.
Colors: at/at, B/B, D/D, E/e, KB/KB.