DOB 2/17/12
Locheil Black Russian at Bryning
Bryning Sparkle 'n' Shine
We are so excited that Laura Shaw of Bellaclan Border Collies of Canada has sent this very lovely blue girl to join our Emerald Border Collies family.
Tavey's 'call name' (Tah-vee) comes from the legendary Tavernier Blue  (pronounced Tah-vurn-YAY), the large blue diamond from which the Hope
Diamond was cut.
Tavey is keenly aware of everything that goes on here, and makes sure she is not left out of anything! Tavey is Pat's shadow and makes sure he does
...every...single...chore. If he misses one, she stands and waits for him to come back and complete it. Tavey is our residential 'piglet', as she would
prefer to be wet and dirty, rather than looking gorgeous and smelling of lavender.  
Tavey appears as a beautiful blue and white, but testing determined she actually has the merle pattern gene (M) from her mother, making her color
'slate merle'. Further testing revealed Tavey is Atypical merle - M(a)/m - which does not display an obvious spotty or patchy merle pattern.
IntCH Bellaclan Hope Diamond
Emerald Border Collies is so pleased to introduce Tavey!!
Round 2 goes to Karlee!
Tavey can almost
"land" those kisses!
Nice tongue Tavey!
AKC: DN36588407
IABCA: 26405
Microchip: 956000008453297
Hips:  OFA GOOD  BCO-10433G28F-VPI
09/25/15: BCO-EYE273/43F-VPI
7/25/14: BCO-EYE273/29F-VPI
CEA:  NORMAL by parentage
CL: NORMAL by parentage
TNS:  NORMAL by parentage
Tavey is slate atypical merle and carries gold.
Colors:  at/at, B/B, d/d, E/e, KB/KB, M(a)/m
Looks like it's a draw!
Click here for Tavey's full pedigree
Round 1 goes to Tavey!
3 Weeks
4 Weeks
2 Weeks
Bred by Laura K. S. Shaw
Tavey's Stats
Puppy photos below courtesy of Laura Shaw - Bellaclan Border Collies