Bellaclan Heart Throb of Emerald
DOB 12/28/15
CH Bellaclan This Is It HIC HCTs STDs
Bellaclan She's A Dime CGC
Romeo comes to us from our neighbors to the north,  Bellaclan Border Collies
in Canada. This handsome guy is the son of Jackson, who boasts some very
impressive credentials, and the darling Dime, who is a lovely slate sable bitch.

Romeo has a  big, confident, in-charge personality with a very pleasant
disposition. His enthusiasm for activities knows no bounds, and it tends to get
him into trouble on occasion with the bigger boys and a few of the older girls.
He is one of those dogs that is so easy to love and fun to be around.

A persistent limp sent us to the vet, only to find out that Romeo has a
condition where part of the smooth cartilage of the joint can grow abnormally
causing pain. To say we were disappointed is an understatement!! But, Romeo
appears to be doing great now. As he has matured he is not showing signs of
pain or discomfort.

Romeo is black and white with gorgeous tri-colored markings.
AKC #: DN45774102
Microchip #: 956000004987954
Bred by: Laura K. S. Shaw