Emerald's Farm Fun
Fun at our lake. Look at that foot position...the
envy of every dock-diver!
Our future horseman
Out in the Minnesota cold
The young and the old
Go Vikings!
Interesting colored Border Collie in the background
Ok, so it's really 2 dogs
Out for a ride
With Grandma
Dogs in a bucket
(a little unorganized)
...that's better!!
Erin's first time on a horse
With help from Uncle Paul and Grandpa
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Emerald's Wild Friends
Emerald's Weather
Emerald's Horse Shows
Emerald's Horse
Horse show practice - getting it right
Talking over show strategy
Gettin' that itch scratched feels soooo good!
The Boys - Dhak and Mo
Tye is an Aussie that belongs
to our daughter Alison.
Tye giving rides
Grace, Peeka,   Dash,    Bo,    Daisy
Alison and Hal
Linds and Shamala
Lindsay and Shamala