Emerald is excited to present 6 gorgeous girls from Jesse and Tulla
Pup 1 - Girl
Pup 2 - Girl
Pup 6 - Girl
Pup 3 - Girl
Pup 5 - Girl
Emerald's Jesse x Tulla Litter
0 Days
Born 2/13/16
6 females
All puppies are black and white
Pup 4 - Girl
The litter came with a little
** All puppies have gone to their new homes. **
Click here for photos at:  15 Days
24 Days
28 Days
35 Days
41 Days
Birdie is now loved by Steve, Stacey, and
Sophie. *
Click here* for pictures of Birdie
growing up.
Coraline is now loved by the Harper family.
Click here* for pictures of Cora growing up.
Trixie is now loved by Jen. *Click here* for
pictures of Trixie growing up.
Pippa is now loved by the Young family. *Click
here* for pictures of Pippa growing up.
Margo is now loved by the Thommes. *Click
here* for pictures of Margo growing up.

Vessa is staying here at
Emerald Border Collies!
Congratulations and good luck to all our families with your new Emerald puppy!