IntCH NatCH Emerald Dashing Vision
    The day was a blur and we hurt from the sadness of
saying goodbye to our beloved Viz.
  Viz was from our Dash and Tipper.  He was a big boy
with substantial bone -  a vision of strength. Viz was
exceptionally bright and had a wonderfully kind and
gentle personality.  He was so much like his dad, Dash,
always there when you needed him. Viz had a presence
about him and was a quiet leader of the Border Collies,
keeping all the youngsters in line.
  Viz was our resident goose dog and shagged away
the pesky pigeons without being asked. He adored
children of all sizes and had the patience of a saint
with them. Viz was an avid fisher-pooch and extremely
passionate about all of our games (e.g. snow Frisbee,
ball, ATV races, sprinkler and hose games) - imagine
that!  Viz's speciality was landing  kisses when you
least expected it.
  Viz was black and white and had the most beautiful  
face with dark brown eyes. He carried gold from his
8/24/09 - 9/20/17
AKC: DN2561402
Avid 042 522 087
CEA: CARRIER (Optigen 08-3411)
TNS: NORMAL by parentage
CL: NORMAL by parentage
09/25/2015: BCO-EYE45/73M-VPI;
07/25/2014: BCO-EYE45/59M-VPI;
11/09/2012: BCO-EYE45/38M-VPI;
05/20/2011 and 10/20/2010
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Chasing Viva
Father and son
BonniDune Dashing Impression
Wildblue Echo of Whispers
Bred by Karla Reinhart and Lindsay Kahnert
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