Ain't this the life!!
Tulla's unique ways of cooling off
Not a baby any more
IntCH NatCH Wildblue Milis Orain of Emerald
1/18/08 - 1/21/19
CH Wildblue Caoirean
Wildblue Tartan Mist
Bred by Deanne Veselka
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Tulla's name, Milis Orain, is Gaelic for 'Sweet Song'.
Tulla is a darling girl who is very intense and focused, yet so gentle. She is also the most creative one when it comes to finding something to do
- sometimes good and sometimes not-so-good (my shoes are her ultimate favorite toy). She is sharp as a tack and as sweet as they come!
Tulla has a soft and feminine personality. She is built quite nicely and moves like a dream, with great angles and a very graceful, long neck.
Tulla has a black and white coat (carries gold, and dilute from her mom), really pretty dark, dark brown eyes, slightly tipped ears, and her
markings are exceptionally striking.
This lady is a treasure and we were (and still are) so excited that Deanne Veselka at Wildblue Border Collies let Tulla join our family.
When the pools aren't full, she uses the cat's water bowl
...or, the dogs' water buckets are another option.
Sometimes one...
...sometimes two...
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AKC: DN20887002
IABCA: 21145
Microchip: Avid 014 066 305
Hips: OFA GOOD  BCO-8205G26F-VPI
CEA NORMAL by parentage
CL: NORMAL by parentage
TNS: NORMAL by parentage
09/11/2015:  BCO-EYE47/91F-VPI
07/25/2014:  BCO-EYE47/78F-VPI
11/09/2012:  BCO-EYE47/57F-VPI
05/20/2011, and
12/02/2009:  BCO-3840/2009--23
Tulla is black and white, and carries gold and
Colors: at/-, B/-, D/d, E/e, KB/-
Tag teaming the sprinkler with her idol, Boey
Snow Frisbee with Viz
First day catching the ball
Tulla actually developed the art of 'floating' in the pool.
Beating Viz to the Frisbee!
Retired and spayed
Tulla loves her Sheep-zee!
Tulla's Stats
Tulla has her very own Irish Whiskey!
Adventures with Colton
Always smiling!!