CWA Tajalene
March 13, 1990 ~ November 26, 2003
casual conversations with her owners. Then out of the blue, we received a call from her owner wondering if we were
interested in buying her. The rest is history!

Taji was the sweetest horse ever, with the most kind and gentle! She was a wise girl that loved to gently boss around 'the
boys' in the paddock. Taji loved her grooming time and would point with her nose at spots that she wanted scratched. As
a thank you she would wiggle her nose back and forth on my arm.

Taji was a great show horse that always did well in the ring giving every ride her 'all'. She made it fun for her rider
bringing home ribbons from every show.

We will certainly miss having Taji in our barn.
Lindsay and Taj riding to a first place win!
I'm quite beautiful, don't you think?