Quantum Leap PeekaBlu in Red
July 15, 2003 ~ December 22, 2010
Peeka was a thinker and never missed a beat. She was very focused
and put her "all" into everything she did. Peeka loved to work and
was a fantastic obedience dog. Unfortunately she wasn't real keen
about being around strange dogs.

Peeka was a very lovable dog that always required a certain quota
of hugs, and actually hugged you back.  She greeted us every
morning with rooo-rooo-rooo, which I'm sure translated to, "it's
about time you let me out."

Peeka loved to play ball, soccer, play in the hose, and lay under Pat's
desk. All those fun things were a distant second to going for a ride
with Pat in the truck!

Peeka was a red merle with very striking markings, mysterious light
green eyes, and ears that only a mother could love.
CH Quantum Leaps Old Tru Blu To HSA
Quantum Leaps Peekaboo Gal HS
Boey's biggest fan and #1 partner in crime.
In camouflage
Dad's favorite dog posing with his favorite car
"Playing" in
the hose
#1 on defense
Looking mighty comfy!
Oh my, those ears!
Peeka in her summer 'do'
Guarding us from intruders