Wildblue Tartan Tempest
DOB 6/27/03
Joy had a very easy going temperament and was such a
sweetheart, but beneath that cool calm demeanor was a real
pistol. This darling girl was my shadow - - she was wherever I
was. When we walked in the fields, I found it amusing that Joy
always walked right behind me in an 'S' pattern, like 'move

Joy was black and white with medium brown eyes, cute tipped
ears, and a beautiful head with an absolutely adorable face.

We were so thrilled when Deanne Veselka at
Border Collies let this little girl join our family. From the
moment we got her, she was a real
CH Majestic To The Rescue
CH Haftaplay's Wildblue Storm
Bred by Deanne Veselka and Jennifer Beachler
8 weeks
3 Months
Playing in the field
5 months
Joy as a youngster
(Photos from Deanne Veselka)
Nope...not a chance that you'll
get me to go down that!
Taking it easy
If only these were 'real' sheep!
"May I come in now please?"
The Face
"So ya think you're tough, huh pal?"
Telling secrets with Dash
Swim Joy, swim!
Ahhh, made it!
Harassing Peeka
Miss Joy
6 1/2 years old