We lost an incredible friend today, simply from old age. The tears flow easily when we think of
her, but to speak of her makes us smile.

 For more than 11 years, Grace was Daisy's sidekick. The two were inseparable while Daisy was
alive. Grace inherited Daisy's top spot and provided a strong but quiet leadership for the Border
Collies. She loved to show the Borders that she was just as spunky as they were, and kept up with
them until the very end.

 Grace was a fantastic 'mouser', a skill that she used to roust up a variety of rodents, and
unfortunately, a few skunks. Grace was lightening fast and snatched many-a-bird out of the air on
their take-off. Then, she would bring them over for a gentle release. Grace was serious about her
daily 'mail call' and took great pride in carrying back those important pieces of communication
from the outside world. Her favorite thing to do was to 'retrieve' objects (gee, imagine that!) or
help to carry things when her human needed an 'extra hand'. She was particularly good at bringing
us all sorts of things we didn't want. Of course we praised her for retrieving them. Not letting
those talents go to waste, Grace was truly 'a dream' to have at horse shows, making countless
trips between the horse trailer and the stalls to deliver equipment/supplies. Her ingenuity in
negotiating doorways and other obstacles was more than impressive.

 Grace excelled at obedience and always caught the eye of strangers, and a few policemen, as she
pranced along at my side carrying her own leash! In her last few years, Grace took great pleasure
in relaxing on the porch and taking an occasional dip in the pool to cool off.
GraceLin Rose, CGC
July 24, 1998 ~ May 6, 2010
Catching snow sliding off the riding
arena roof
Daisy and Grace
On the hunt
At more than 11 years young
Done by our daughter Alison