BonniDune Dashing Impression
DOB 7/3/04
(Retired and Neutered)
DC Lydeardlea Angel in Disguise HXAs HSBs
CH Tainsh New Dawn At BonniDune HSAs STDs
3.5 Years
2.5 Years
7 Months
1 Year
Words cannot express the ache in our hearts and the emptiness we feel losing our Dash. His steadfast
devotion and companionship go unquestioned. Dash was the kind of dog that doesn't come along often
with a presence about him that just said "wow" - he was so very special in every way.

Dash was a combination of the top Australian, British, New Zealand, and American show and herding
lines of several Dual Champions including his dad Joey, and fabulous grandpa Duncan, VX CHX DC
Majestic Outlander CDX HXAs OTDs HCT TDI.

Dash was put together very nicely. He was a solid boy, well balanced with good bones and nice angles.
Dash was very light on his feet and when he moves, he appeared to float across the ground. He was
black and white with medium dark eyes and cute tipped ears. Dash was not only a
'dashing' dog, but
exceptionally smart, extremely clever, very affectionate, fun loving, and had a 'heart of gold'. Dash was
always happy and you can see it in his eyes - - they truly smiled. Dash was 'Mr. Front and Center' for
everything and absolutely loved hearing that he was our handsome man. Dash was quite a character.
Fortunately, Dash passed all of the traits we love onto his offspring, including our Viz and Viva.

As a very young puppy, Dash injured his left hind leg, and, as a result he cannot compete in the show
ring. But, that doesn't slow Dash down any, and you can
always find him where the action is.

We were so incredibly pleased with Dash. He was one fantastic dog! We cannot thank Kelly Whiteman
BonniDune Kennel) enough for allowing us to add Dash to our family.
Dash pup
Not looking good but,
3 Months
...Dash did land on his feet!
Relaxing with Dad
Border Collie turned "bird dog"
Dash dashing...
Dash's private pool
Dash's way of drying off
Bred by Kelly Whiteman
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3 Years (and out of coat)
Dash's favorite place to sit - on my foot
4 weeks
1 day
7 weeks
8 weeks
Puppy photos courtesy of Kelly Whiteman
Mr. Handsome
Showing his puppy side
Microchip: AVID 084 072 076
Hips: OFA GOOD   BCO-6583G28M-PI
TNS: NORMAL  (Paw Print Genetics 14238)
CEA: NORMAL by parentage
CL: NORMAL by parentage (Optigen # 05-3799, 05-2011)
CERF (Eyes): Normal
BCO-3535/2009--65 (12/02/09)
BCO-3535/2008--45 (03/28/08)