Ever Faithful - Ever Vigilant

- Director of Homeland Security
       - Leader of the Porch Pooch Patrol
    - Bouncing, Barking, Fur Bag
                 - and the Beautiful Barn Beast
...and now (2008)
On duty
...but not for long. On guard!!
Taking a break...
The Dynamic Duo
The alert is sounded...
Geese on the pond!! Geese on the pond!!
    Dearly loved and incredibly missed!
Daisy was one-of-a-kind. At the age of 11, the  self-appointed director of farm security took her job as seriously as she did on day one. Daisy was ever-vigilant
about '
watch duty', moving from post to post throughout the day. Nothing escaped her watchful eye; be it a rabbit, deer, or jogger, Daisy sounded the alert. Of
course all of our visitors received a well announced greeting and Daisy was positive they stopped by just to see her.

Daisy was so kind, loving, and gentle to everyone (and everything) she met. She took all the younger critters under her wing. Daisy was great at obedience, loved to
ride on trailers, won most of our hide-and-seek games, and without a doubt took top honors for being the most vocal.

It's time for you to rest now Daisy, we'll be fine.
Ahhhhh...feels sooo good!!
Tulla and Daisy
The young and the old...
Daisy's favorite way to be scratched!
Daisanna Lee, CGC
April 15, 1998 ~ September 15, 2009