RiverRun's BoAnna TDI CGC
8/26/01 - 6/27/14
CH Terbo Badd To The Bone
CH Hollyanna CD
"Eyeing" some geese
"Playing" in the sprinkler
I lost a piece of my heart today - a friend, a teacher, my heart dog.

There are no words that adequately describe how special this girl was. Boey was our first
Border Collie that opened the door to this amazing breed. We extend our sincere thanks to
Mark and Amy Hansen at
RiverRun Border Collies for the opportunity to have Boey.

Boey was exceptionally brilliant (a real 'brainiac'), very friendly, intuitive, and  held the title
of 'family clown'. She knew every word in the book including many that we spelled. Boey
always amazed us with what she understood and remembered.

Boey would catch rain drops and snow flakes in the air, played soccer like a pro, hunted
mice and gophers better than our barn cats, and thought snakes were put on this earth for
her own fun. If Boey's best friend - - the ATV - - was outside, you would find her laying
right next to it just waiting for that chance to run.

Boey was always eager to learn new things and loved to show off her abilities. She visited
elementary classes to demonstrate dog obedience and the different kinds of tricks that
dogs can learn.

There was never a dull moment with Boey around. She was a 'let's go - do it all' kind of
girl. Boey was truly our
You might be big, but I have the Frisbee!
Bred by Mark and Amy Hansen
Playing soccer
The wise one
Princess B
At the park
Out for a ride
Classroom demonstration
Hmmm...maybe I can stare it away from Grace
Fishing for minnows
Looking for ice cubes
A fun way to cool off
The face that won our hearts
Catching snow flakes
Catching snow that is sliding off the arena roof
Boey loves playing with the basketball